Tjeerd Doosje was born on april 8th 1966, Harderwijk, the Netherlands and is a selftaught portrait photographer and retoucher.

In November 2017 he received the Andrea Mantegna Prize (Mantova, Italy), in January 2018 he received the Leonardo da Vinci Prize (Florence, Italy), in March 2018 he received the Prize of Nations (Venice, Italy) and in May 2018 he received the International Prize Raffaello (Bologna, Italy); all for his merits. In December 2018 he will receive the International Prize Caravaggio (Milan, Italy).

After he graduated from highschool he studied mathematics and chemistry at the Hogeschool Utrecht to become a teacher.

He's still a mathteacher at a highschool in Almere and around 2010, he discovered portrait photography. On his highschool there was this make-up artist course and he did some mini photoshoots with the pupils. He liked this so much that he wanted to start his own photo studio in 2016.


His photos were digitally exhibited in the Louvre (Paris, France, 2015), The Centre of Contemporary Culture Puertas de Castilla (Murcia, Spain, 2014), Moda Arte Gallery (Milan, Italy, December 2017- November 2018 and from June 2018 - August 2019), at the 13th ArteFiera Dolomiti (Treviso, Italy, 2018), at the Kunsthaus (Weiz, Austria, 13 april - 5 May 2018), at the Barchessa Villa Quaglia (Treviso, Italy, 11 - 31 May 2018), at the Biennale di Venezia (Venice, Italy, 28 August - 11 September 2018) and again at the Barchessa Villa Quaglia (Treviso, Italy, 15 - 27 September 2018).

One of his photos was finalist in the Celeste Contemporary Art Prize 2016 and was therefore exhibited in the O.X.O. Tower Wharf, London. Also one of his photos was exhibited in the Biennale of Nations (Venice, Italy, March 16th - 19th 2018).

One of his photos is finalist for The Global Art Awards 2018 (Dubai, United Arabic Emirates, November 21st).


His photos have been or will be published in several art books and magazines:

"The Exposure Award: The Portraiture Collection", 2015

"Summer Arts Prize 2016", Lacey Contemporary Londen, 2016

"Inspiration: International Art Book" (2016, 2017, 2018)

"International Contemporary Artists" Art Book, 2017

"Circle Quarterly Magazine", Autumn, 2017

"Art International Contemporary Magazine", September/October 2017

"Contemporary Art Curator Magazine", 2017

"Circle Spotlight Magazine", 2017

"First Berliner Art Book", 2018

"Art International Contemporary Magazine", January/February 2018

"Art International Contemporary Magazine", May/June 2018

"First Berliner Art Book", 2019