I am a full time artist living and working in Australia using acrylics and airbrush on

stretched canvases.

I paint the subject matter most dear to my heart for it is birds that have always been

there through good and bad times in my life, on different continents and they have

created my happiest memories. Bird watching and photography is indeed a delightful

hobby that I share with my husband but it also teaches you about life, nature and the

environment for not all are strong enough to survive. For me these individual birds all

have different human personalities and I will always be grateful for the ability to

understand them.


Regarding art technique I was very lucky to have an inspirational art teacher in my

final year at high school who took us on Art Gallery excursions and explained art

history to us, my attention to detail came from 31 years work as a cytologist studying

cellular detail under the microscope, an art and a science together but it is self-

training with the airbrush first on a car and experimentation that I enjoy as well. I

combine texture, colour and light, but maintain scientific accuracy of shape and

outline referencing our photographs.

2017/ 2018 was my first year as a full time artist marketing my own work, a direct

result from Australia cancelling its conventional Pap smear cervical cancer

preventative screening program which was literally painful to watch. My first year

has been an amazing year filled with so many fantastic people who I am grateful for,

publications, my first art exhibit at The Albert Hall in Canberra and ending with the

International Prize CARAVAGGIO - Great Master of Art to be presented in

December 2018 in Milano. I look forward to sharing more with you all in the future

with the opening of our custom built private Gallery in construction as we speak.

I also believe in mindfulness, wellness and positive psychology, something that I

share, so to everyone reading this May you have a super day!