I constantly experiment with paint, I often paint the square as its simplicity helps me explore colour and surface without the distraction of representation or narrative. I feel freed up and more into the territory of painting as a language of its own. I always push paint to the point of collapse in order to find its limit! its materiality is the most important thing. I am constantly within the space of abstraction and representation. I find a solid concreteness within the paint, and then I set about thought the duration of the painting to make it somehow disappear. I want the forms to dissolve and escape into nothing.

The Black paintings are all about light and movement in the space.  The natural light in the room interacts with the surface of the painting. The darkest glossiest black holds the brightest light in the room. My aim is to render luminosity by creating a light catcher in paint. 


I gained a degree in Fine Art at the Kent institute of art and Design. I have taught art in pupil referral units in London. I was the Assistant Manager of Science.Ltd, I worked for the artist Damien Hirst. I also founded to Stowaway Gallery.  I am now currently making my own Paintings.

I have been working on abstract and semi abstract Paintings for 10 years. The Black Paintings are have been exhibited and sold at the Cork Street Open in Mayfair. Other paintings have been shortlisted in National Open competitions and was invited to exhibit at the Florence Biennale.


CV Awards and Publications

Award: 2017 / Art & Beyond / Editors Choice Award / July and August edition / International

Award: 2000 / David Haste Landscape Award / Painting / Canterbury University/ Canterbury/ UK

Publication: 2017 / Volume 46 July 2017/ Art & Beyond / International /

Publication: 2013 / Cork Street Open / Exhibition catolouge / UK /

Publication: 2012 / Cork Street Open / Exhibition catolouge / UK 



2017 /Nothing / Succession Gallery / London / UK

2016 / Painting Room / Brockley Max Festival / London / UK


2015 / WORK / Brockley Max Festival / London / UK

2014 / (I curated) Smoking inside / Harbor Exchange / Docklands London / UK

2014 /(I curated) Matter1010 / Harbor Exchange / Docklands London / UK

2013 / Cork Street Open / The Gallery in Cork Street 27/ Mayfair London / UK

2013 / See Me / Angel Orensanz Foundation / New York / USA

2012/ Cork Street Open / The Gallery in Cork Street 27/ Mayfair London / UK

2012/ Departure Foundation / Thames Tower/ Hammersmith London/ UK

2012 / Boeing Way / 22 Gas Street Gallery / Birnigham / UK

2011 / Let them Hang / Southwark Park Gallery / London / UK

2011 / Group Show / Peckham Space Open / London / UK

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