Artist painter, René Berrut, born on, 30.07.1957 in Valais, Switzerland. Rene Berrut swears only for oil painting, long worked, a beauty that is self-sufficient, whose energy is captured by the effect of colors vibrating enigmatically and changing. 

You have to watch a lot, be captivated, and perceive more or less clear symbols. We are far from a gestural art, spontaneous-it is not an innocent painting. But it's interesting to know how Berrut works.

 He does not start a painting by drawing. He makes sketchy sketches, on a small notebook, with various colored areas. It is when he is going to impregnate the support-that he sees little by little emerge from the elements that will give meaning to the painting, in a way that is both symbolic and purely pictorial. He knows how to maintain a balance until the end. We find both the finesse of the curves and the geometric construction, which reflects the sensuality, the anguish, the will power. All this takes a lot of time, both in small and large formats. A careful look often makes you discover faces of characters, animals, emerging, hidden in the painting. Pierre Hugli PH + Art Swiss Magazine of Art.


After the

Canada, Athens, Santorini in Greece, Paris, Marrakech, Tangier, Agadir.

He returned to Switzerland in 1997, where he carried out various graphic design works, participated in several

Competitions and exhibitions. He realizes various concepts of

Projects. The basis of his painting and the search for

Colors and a continual search for news

Techniques with various materials and basic colors

Flowers, goes back to Morocco in 2007 back in Switzerland

In 2008 for health reasons, he moved to Lucens

Provisionally, to settle permanently in

Villeneuve Vaud. He draws a lot from his many Travel.


A line is not necessarily always straight.

Brushes, rollers, spatulas and others are always

In motion to spread the color. In the void

A canvas to bring back from its inside the

Expressive declic. 

René Berrut