The Haselünner painter Rainer Englisch was awarded the "International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci - The Universal Artist" on January 20, 2018 in Florence.

The explanatory statement states that this prestigious award is given to those artists who have distinguished themselves through their stylistic development and artistic charisma. Salvatore and Francesco Saverio Russo, well-known curators, will select some of the best international and contemporary artists for the event. The prize is an important symbol of an artistic career. The award ceremony was attended by important personalities from the world of art and culture.

For health reasons, the artist could not attend the ceremony in person. English had submitted the socially critical theme of lobbying in his work titled "The Mammon Dances."

The International Galleries Bruno Massa / Paris and New York currently represent the artist through their websites around the globe. Furthermore, English was invited to participate in an artistic event for the European Capital of Culture Leeuwarden.

As an freelance Painter I run my own studio in Haselünne in Germany and take part in various solo and group exhibitions.

Our fascinating world with its colors and shapes I compose new creations. For this I have developed my own transparent expressionistic style.

Awarded in 2015 with „Sandro Botticelli Prize“ in Florence, the International Michelangelo Prize“ in Rome and the „Anne Frank Special Prize for Human Rights“ of the Accademia Italia in Arte nel Mondo. In 2016 owner of the title „Artist of UNICEF“. In 2018 awarded with the "Leonardo da Vinci - Prize".

His works are also in the online galery:


Solo Show

2018 'Street-Expo No. 8', Atelier Englisch, Haselünne
2017 LeyDan-Gallery, Windsor Canada
2017 Gothaer Versicherungen Konen, Haselünne
2016 Gothaer Versicherungen, Haselünne
2016 'Street-Expo No. 7', Atelier Englisch, Haselünne
2016 Caritas/Bücherei, Haselünne
2015 'Street-Expo No. 6', Atelier Englisch, Haselünne
2015 Gothaer Versicherungen, Haselünne
2013 'Kunst, Küche, Chaos' Atelier Englisch, Haselünne
2013 'Vor Ort', Rathaus Haselünne
2013 'Heimeröffnung am Hasetor', ProUrban, Haselünne
2013 'Experimentelle Malereien', Theater Wilhelmshöhe, Lingen 
2013 'Street-Expo 5', Atelier Englisch, Haselünne
2012 'Mit Phantasie zur Wirklichkeit', Zeitspeicher, Papenburg
2012 'Street-Expo 4', Atelier Englisch, Haselünne
2011 'Querschnitt', Möbelwelt Mäsker, Haren
2011 'Zwischen Phantasie und Wirklichkeit', JVA Damaschke, Lingen
2011 'Street-Expo 3', Atelier Englisch, Haselünne
2010 '4win', Modehaus Schröder, Haselünne
2010 'Street-Expo 2', Atelier Englisch, Haselünne
2009 'Street-Expo 1 – Hommage an Franz Marc', Atelier Englisch, Haselünne

Group Exhibitions

2019 Art Production New York City Internet Website
2018 Rathausgalerie, Meppen
2018 Bruno Massa Gallery, New York City und Paris Internet Websites
2017 ParkArt, Sögel - Clemenswerth
2017 Kunst- und Kulturforum, Freren
2016 Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York City (USA)
2016 LeyDan-Gallery, Windsor (Canada)
2016 'ArtFair', Oxfort (England)
2016 Kunsthandwerkermarkt Erdölmuseum, Twist
2015 'ParkArt', Clemenswerth, Sögel
2015 'Parigi 015', Louvre, Paris (Frankreich)
2015 Kultur und Kunstforum Freren
2015 'Tokio Art Fair', Tokio (Japan)
2015 Kunsthaus Haren
2014 Galerie Marziart, Hamburg
2014 Landesgartenschau, Papenburg
2014 Erdölmuseum, Twist
2014 Kunsthalle, Lingen
2012 'Experimentelle Malereien', Theater Wilhelmshöhe, Lingen 
2012 'Kunst- & Handwerkermarkt', Erdölmuseum, Twist
2012 'ParkArt', Clemenswerth, Sögel
2011 'Drei auf einen Streich', Atelier Englisch, Haselünne
2011 'Vier Künstler und ein Todesfall', Atelier Englisch, Haselünne
2010 'Kunst im alten Café', Atelier Englisch, Haselünne