I collect experiences, images, situations from daily life, translating them into form. I took my ‘first steps in the arts’ as a jewelry design student at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, Halifax (1983-’85), and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam (1985-’89). At the Rietveld Academy under the supervision of Onno Boekhoudt, I began to look at things from a somewhat broader perspective, and started to experiment, which led me to finding,developing my own language and way.When creating the work, I am relating to the human body as the ‘center’, emphasizing the mental, physical & movements, the space surrounding it, looking at restrictions that appear and taking them with me too.

 I am using them, incorporating them, taking them all into the construction, trying to define and ‘extend’ the body space.

Then all elements are playing, influencing, drawing one another into one unit.

The human, is both ‘viewer & participant’ at same time on the one hand he is the center (participant) of the ‘unit’; on the other hand, he is also the viewer, looking on events…

I do not look at the works as belonging to any ‘one’ specific category or direction in the arts: for me it is, in the end, more about the search than about anything else.



1983-85         Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, NS, Canada

1985-89         Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Member of advise commission for art and culture for the municipality of Castricum.

De vishal,haarlem

Sculpture Network (EU)  


Awards and Grants

2015               Winner of BlauLAUT-Preis für Interdisciplinaire Kunst, Hamburg, Germany

2008               Stichting ‘de oude kerk’, Amsterdam

Stichting Kattendijke/Drucker, Amsterdam

2006               Stichting A. Roland Holst funds, Bergen, N-H

City of Alkmaar (for project ‘body-sculptures’ in ‘de vest’)

2005               Mondrian Foundation

2004               Prince Bernhard Foundation

2002               Project production, City of Amsterdam

2001               Project production, performing arts foundation, Den Haag

Prince Bernhard Foundation

Basic grant, Dutch Foundation for Fine Arts

1999               Project production, Performing Arts Foundation, Den Haag

1999               Gaudeamus en Fonds van de Scheppende Toonkunst

1997               Prince Bernhard Foundation

Netherland’s Ambassadors, Bonn

Solo Exhibitions

2015               BlauLAUT-Preis für Interdisciplinary Kunst – 2015 (video presentation), performance -‘magnetic string’, Kunstenaars Centrum Bergen,  Hamburg, Germany

2011               Exhibition & performance -‘magnetic string’, Kunstenaars Centrum Bergen N-H

2010               Exhibition & performance, Kunstenaars Centrum Bergen N-H

2008            Project ‘kaders’ – 7 hours performance, the Oude Kerk, Museums Night, Amsterdam

2006               Theater de vest, Alkmaar (NL)

2005               Galerie 59, Amsterdam  (SBK)

‘De wereld van Noam Ben-Jacov’, Oosterhout, SBK

2004               ‘De wereld van Noam Ben-Jacov’ ,De Boterhal, Hoorn

2002               Exhibition and installation for Wendingen Ensemble, Amstelkerk, Amsterdam

2000               Exhibition and opening performance, Gallery Laeven de Key, Haarlem

1999               ‘Body and another Body’, exhibition and opening performance, The Open Museum, Tefen, Israel

Exhibition and opening performance, Cultural Centrum De Tambour, Hogeveen, The Netherlands

1997               ‘Desert’, Gemeentehuis Bloemendaal

1996               ‘Desert’- series, Galerie BMB, Amsterdam

1995               ‘Man in Space’, BRS Premsela Vonk, Amsterdam


Group Exhibitions

grup exhib.2017 –   Movement-  Action- Second chines international kinetic art exhebition., China sculpture institute, Cheng Chung   .

2017 – exhibition : ‘een veelkoppige draak’, 70 years k.c.b. kranenburgh museum ,Bergen, north Holland,

2016 –

Sculptures Manifestations in Duin & Kruijdberg, North Holland

KCB, ‘Constant en KCB Nu’, Bergen ,NL

Gallery H10A, Apeldoorn,   NL

Beyond Jewelry symposium panel and presentation,

Parkside Gallery, Birmingham City University, UK

North Holland Biennale Kunst hal 45 ,den helder ,nord holland.
‘Water’, Gallery Kapberg, North Holland

2015               ‘Object’, C-Lab, KunstWest, Amsterdam

International Kinetic Art Competition (video),

West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A.

Artist Centrum Bergen & Museum, Kranenburg – 3D,

Bergen N-H

2014               ‘Schok’ 2014, Art Manifestation Schorel, North Holland

‘Premio Combat’ Finalist exhibition, Livorno, Toscana, Italy

‘Chaos and Beauty’ Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen,

North Holland

2013               Onder de Linden, Museum Kranenburg Bergen, N-H

2011               Museum Night, Film Museum, Amsterdam

Pucheri Studio, Den-Haag

2008               Lucca Presiozacca, Villa Bottini, Lucca, Italy

2006               Kunst and Koningsduin, PWN, KCB  N-H (art manifestation)

‘Pijn en Andere Dingen‘, RC de Ruimte Ljmuden,

North Holland

2005               ‘50×50’ – Kunstenaars Centrum Bergen N-H

‘Stroming’art project in the nature, Oostknollendam,  N-H

‘Salon’ – Arti &Amicitiae, Arti, Amsterdam

2004               SBK Amsterdam + SBK Groningen – AA Kerk, Groningen

Links! KCB in Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen N-H

2003               Wendingen Ensemble 10 Jaar – Amstelkerk, Amsterdam

2001               Nieuwe leden-Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam

1989               Rietveld in the RAI, final exam exhibition and performance, RAI, Amsterdam

ORNAMENTA I, exhibition of contemporary jewellery, opening performance/exhibition Scmuck Museum, Pforzheim, Germany

1988               Five Israeli Artists, exhibition & performance, Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam

1987               The Other Side of Design, Rietveld  Academy, Amsterdam

Schmuck ’87 ,Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany.

 Copy Right or Wrong, travelling exhibition, Museum Den Haag.

1986               ‘schmuck  for head and hair’ international competition,

Schmuck musseum ,The  Pforzheim,germany,  2nd Prize.

Body-Sculpture Performances

2011               Performance –‘Magnetic String’, Kunstenaars Centrum Bergen

2008               Project ‘Kaders’, the oude kerk, Museums Night, Amsterdam

2006               Body-sculptures in movement, full evening performance, during Week of the Dance, Theatre ‘de vest’, Alkmaar

Opening performance , Pijn, en Andere Dingen,

Gallery RC de Ruimte ,Ljmuiden, The Netherlands, Body-sculptures Performances

2005               Opening performance and video presentation – X Symposium Arts Ornate, Europeans – Lisbon, Portugal

2002               Opening-performance of exhibition ‘Transparantie 3’, De Boterhal, Hoorn

2001               Privé domein –Kunst op Kamers, Lutherse Kerk, De Rijp