Natalia Bragina was born in Leningrad, USSR (now Sankt Petersburg, Russia).  She graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in International Economics.

  She also attended the art studios at Moscow State University and the Moscow House of Scientists. After 1989 painting became her main professional occupation. 

Since then she has had no fewer than fifteen solo exhibitions.  She exhibited in Sweden. Her paintings were presented at art auction in Paris.

 In recent years her painting was presented  in USA galleries:

 NYC World Expo 2016 -WWAB - Artavita Stall; AmsterdamWhitney Gallery november- december 2016; Spectrum Maiami December 2018 - Artavita Stall.



Yet her main connection is with  individual collectors, Russian or foreigner. She never had permanent agent. She had never been tied to any  kind of artistic organization, official or unofficial.

Natalia Bragina’s paintings are acquired by many Russian and foreign art collectors.  Her artwork has been reproduced in numerous art magazines.

By way of a short introduction, let me note that for a long part of my life no one would have guessed the existence of such a painter - Natalia Bragina. Painting was always my seccluded occupation.

 Yet, to earn a living, I obtained a university degree focusing on the economy of Japan, and worked as a specialist in the area of world economy.


 In 1989 I changed my life decidedly, making painting my main professional occupation. Since then, my work as an artist has been noted appreciatively by many art critics as well as art collectors.

I cannot say that I am dissapointed by the scant reputation my work has received in the broad public.

 On the contrary, this so-to-speak loneliness has helped me to preserve artistic individuality and develop it according to my inner perception.

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