Born in Santiago de Chile, from a very young he showed great fascination with painting. Already at school he drew with charcoal and Chinese ink, but creation was his greatest inspiration.

In 1984 he met the Painter Claudio Valenzuela was the one who taught him the first steps in painting, and his different techniques

In 1985 he met the renowned painter Rene Poblete, professor at the University of Chile and creator of Talleres 619, who with his valuable orientations and creative obsession produces the first direct and true encounter with art, remaining immersed in abstract expressionism.

In 1985 he studied Advertising Graphic Design at Itesa, accentuating his passion for art even more.


In 1998 he was presented with the opportunity to travel to Europe, the dream of a market that demands quality, talent, and dedication. Inspired by everything related to objects, such as machines, old structures, architectural lines, participates in art fairs, collective exhibitions in galleries, exhibitions and murals.

In all these years, he continues in that artistic search touring London, Berlin, Eindhoven, Paris and Lisbon thus enriching his work

In 2014 receives from the city of Madrid a recognition (Honorable Mention of the Painting Contest Los Molinos), and Selected for Exhibition in the International Painting Contest Jose Camarón Segorbe Valencia and Selected for Painting Contest Camarote Madrid Province of Leon. What allows him to come even closer to the ultimate goal he pursues, to continue creating.

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