My passion for the creative started early, however it took years before I realized this was my call. I worked in business and fashion. Enjoyed the work and would probably continued if not a crisis came, my father died in cancer. This took me on the path to work as a full-time artist. I realized there is no time to wait to listen within, investigate and contribute with my gift of creating.



2018 May AAF Hampstead, London
2018 May Hong Kong
2018 Mars AAF Brussels
2018 Mars Easter FABRIKEN, Österlen Sweden
2017 May Affordable Art Fair, London Hampstedt
2017 April Lorentzon Gallery, Stockholm - solo
2017 Sept Melefors, Linköping - solo
2017 Feb Hägernäs Strand gallery, Stockholm - solo
2016 Dec Galleri InterArt, Göteborg - solo
2015-2016 National TV, Malou efter tio TV4
2016 Nov Ulfsunda castle
2016 Sept Galleri Gustafsson, Trollhättan - solo
2016 July Jäders kyrka, Eskilstuna - solo
2016 May Galleri Movitz, Stockholm - solo
2016 Easter Kronovalls slott, Konstrundan Skåne
2015 Nov KarMa Art Ulfsunda castle
​2015 Oct Carrousel du Louvre, Paris
2015, 2017 Oct Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm
2015 Sept SOStockholm with Marika Lang.
2015 April, FoKo - Art to Go - Stockholm
2015 Easter, Artfair Skåne
2015 Mars Stockholms Konstsalong, Bergrummet
2014 Nov KarMa Art Ulfsunda castle
2014 May-Nov Scandic hotels in southern Sweden
2014 Easter Konstrundan/Artfair Skåne
2013 Oct ”Beloved places” Salems – solo
2013 Feb ”Kärleken till” MOOD Galleria, Stockholm
2012 Mars Gallery Zebra with ”Måndagsgruppen”

2004-2015 Private part-time studies and workshops


"The artworks by Karin Holmström reflect experiences of life. With blurred lines and only partially recognizable faces, in connection with the tender and elegant design, she let ut think about the feelings to each other. Security, love but at the same time loneliness and painful feelings when someone loses. With her pictures, she opens the door for a dialogue and let everyone seek the answers for themselves"

Heinz Playner, 

Curator of PAKS Gallery - 

during exhibition in Carrousel du Louvre, Paris