I'm an artist and scientist.  My photographic work draws from a lifetime of learning and experimenting in both fields.  

Since the 1980's I've been honing and refining my technique for Pointillist Photography.  Using an analog camera with special lenses and lighting, I magnify and highlight the antique Kodachrome film grain with startling accuracy.  My analog film image is about 1/100 of the original Kodachrome. 

As a result of using only light, lenses and film, I create images that are at once impressionistic and ultra modern. 

Time and Space Travel is my ongoing passion.  

For several years I've been photographing antique travel Kodachromes from the 50s, 60s and 70s.   These antique Kodachromes were created by photographers travelling the world decades ago.  I acquired them by auction in the US and Europe.

I use these old slides to travel back in time and across space.  I find Images within Images. Secrets within Secrets.


I've shown and sold work over the last 30 years in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Portland, and Tucson. 

My art has been selected in several juried gallery, municipal, and museum exhibitions, including the Palm Springs Art Museum's ACE 2010 show.  My work can be seen in the May 2011 American Art Collector magazine, and in several Monthly Catalogs of Scottsdale's Xanadu Gallery over the past several years.

All my images seen here are available to purchase. 

I print these images using archival dye infusion on brushed aluminum panels.

My book, "TIME AND SPACE TRAVEL" is a collection of 36 of my most famous images, finely printed on 8"x8"  heavyweight glossy stock, personally signed and dated.