Self-taught artist Drazen Beslic is inspired by the natural world and human history. He creates oil on canvas paintings exploring “our function and place on this beautiful planet.” Beslic began drawing at the age of six, and grew up admiring many master painters, including Claude Monet. The Impressionist influence is most strongly felt in Beslic’s use of light in his paintings. A general gauziness floods the scenes he creates, producing worlds that are both gentle and dreamlike. Many of his paintings suggest cultural narratives and point to ritual and tradition as central to the human experience. 


Beslic portrays many different subjects in his works, from majestic and mythical landscapes, to contemplative scenes of figures alone or in pairs. Through the interplay between light and shadow, 

Beslic masterfully captures moments in time: the fleeting gestures of dancers, advancing clouds at nightfall, or the delicate rustle of a robe.  The artist was born in Bosnia and was educated as a surveyor.

 He cites the multicultural Balkans region as having a significant impact on his work. He now lives in Denmark.