Born 1964 in Vienna, Austria. Childhood and teenage years spent in Vienna, the "Waldviertel"- Lower Austria and Tehran- Iran. After high school, further studies at the Camillo Sitte- Bauschule Vienna, and architecture at the Technical University, Vienna (TU Wien). 

Among others, studying under Roland Göschl in nude and architectural drawing and watercolors, and Frantisek Lesak in plastic forms Stay in China to study and learn classical Chinese ink painting. From the early 1990 onwards studying with Mehdi Sadjadi (oil painting). Since 1992 working as an architect and freelance artist, among others from 1998 to 2006 cooperating with Hans Hollein. Participation in group exhibitions as part of the Biennale Austria in Vienna, Austria and Venice, Italy. Last solo exhibition on October 2018 in Vienna, which shows an overview of the last 30 years of his artistic work. Currently living and working in Vienna



In 1993, during a long stay in Hong Kong and Shanghai, I had the opportunity to study classical Chinese ink painting and also try my hand at it. What impressed me mostly in this type of art, was the fact that maximum expression could be achieved by relatively simple means. For example, with only a skilful brushstroke, a bamboo leaf, with all its characteristics, is marked on the paper. The nature of the paper leaves no place and time for lingering or hesitating during the work. The same also applies for correcting the errors.

The second art movement which significantly influenced me, is Abstract Expressionism, especially in the poetic form of Joan Mitchell, Helen Frankenthaler or Emilio Vedova. Here also, in an instant, a state of mind is quickly frozen, or rather better said, captured and bounded on the paper. A later post-processing or "improving" is not productive.

In my work I attempt to join these two rather seemingly unrelated directions. Therefore, I also choose ink or water colour as my preferred drawing and painting medium.



Art, for me, is foremost “expression”. A few brushstrokes, drawn on a cave wall from the Neolithic age, impresses me much more than a 19th century battle painting drawn with enormous skill, expertise and time. Yes, it could be said that even with a child's drawing this aim could be accomplished. Nevertheless, my pictures are always subject to the general aesthetic principles. No one could assume them as works of randomness or coincidence. The conscious design, the structure and composition are always present, even if not always at first glance.

My goal is to create images that do not leave the viewer indifferent and possibly provoke them to start a search; a study of the works. Just the way an ink wash painting of Wen Chen-ming, or a work like "Sale Neige" by Joan Mitchell makes one ponder and deliberate on them.