I am interested in genetic manipulation, cloning, and genes in general due to the

mediation of the subject. That's the transformation and the imagination that most paintings and more sculptures

sont-créées. A nineteenth main motif of inspiration is the relation between the homme et son environnement naturel. The distinction between reality and fiction is made from plus in plus floue et ça me intéresse

in particulier


Cor Fafiani and an eclectic artist. The figure is well defined, in his work, if you always read a sense of mystery, think and then run, contrary to many artists who will guide you to be too dall'stinto. Ottama hand-crafted together with artistic intelligence is surprising, null and void, for example, a puzzle that makes you wholeheartedly and comfortably as you know what the fruit has had. 

Spirito libero succeeds in transmitting his "io" in his work. A single word to define it as "riconoscibile" and I know how important it is, but in my own time difficult, today, in contemporary art.


1976                                             Koninklijke Academie Den Haag

Adhésion                                   Enregistré auprès 'kunstgebouw'
                                                     Participant Regionale kunststichting Gouda
                                                     Membre actif NVK

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Magazines / catalogues Klei nov 1998
 Body-Perfection nr. 1 2001
                                                     Klei nr. 39 nov 2002-12-08
                                                     Nature Art ToDay Edition Potou France 2010 
                                                     Art Du Nu 1   2011 Editions Potou France
                                                     Art Du Nu 2 2012 Editions Patou  France
                                                     Art Du Nu 2013 Editions Patou France
                                                     2015 Vanguard Visonary NYC  Art platform NYC
                                                     Estetica Paradisiaca 2016
                                                     The New collectors Book Basak Malone 2016

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