Early in my career, I focused on science, studying biology, concluding my scientific career with a postdoctoral position. To realize our dream of a self-sufficient lifestyle, my husband and I purchased a 19th-century farmhouse in Bavaria. We taught ourselves the necessary skills and labored for more than 30 years to complete the extensive renovation. We learned about raising vegetables and children. In addition, I worked in a variety of positions including content manager and web designer.

Beginnings of my Artistic Exploration

In my spare time, I took my first art class in nude portraiture. From then on, I continued to attend courses and improve my painting skills. Beginning with acrylic, then transitioning to oil on canvas, my formats grew larger with each painting. My topics focused on humans and nature. Being surrounded by the natural and spiritual beauty of the Bavarian countryside and European landscapes has been a source of inspiration for my art.


The Painting Process

When I find a natural place that captures my imagination, I snap a photo. Back at home, I use Photoshop to create a collage with the landscape as a background and add, inspirited by feelings evoked by the landscape a figure and other objects I consider important for this painting. Finally, I transfer the photo to a painting, allowing my subconscious to enhance the scene in a way that Photoshop cannot.

Fascinated by nature and everything alive, I plunged into a biology degree at the TUM in Munich when I was young. I wanted to learn as much as possible about our habitat earth and our roommate. After completing my postdoctoral studies, I ended my scientific career with the impression that I could not go any further with this approach.

In order to bring more holism into my life, I renovated with my husband an old farmhouse and raised their own vegetables and children. I earned my living as a business assistant, as a web designer and content manager.



Surrounded by the natural and spiritual beauty of the Bavarian countryside, I sought new ways to get closer to life.

Nature can not be understood through the knowledge of functions and internal structures. It affects all senses, even the supernatural can be experienced. Unfortunately, there is hardly any peace in our time to intensively contemplate the surroundings. The phone is always ready to capture what you see, you develop a view of shapes and colors and their interaction. But in order to communicate what you have received with all your senses, the photo is not enough, you have to paint it. 

For the reproduction of the seen one must first look at it very closely. To illustrate other impressions you can create digital collages in the living beings and other symbolic artifacts are incorporated. Ultimately, during the painting process unconsciously recorded impressions flow into the picture and one is often amazed at what emerges on the canvas.