I’m a great admirer of the paintings by Rembrandt, Van Eyck and Caravaggio. I

particularly I love the drama, symbolism and light in their works.

A second source of inspiration are the surrealistic works by René Magritte and

the symbolic/expressionist works by James Ensor – both lived and worked in

my home country, Belgium.

A lot of my works are slightly anecdotal.

To make this world a better place, we have to take equally care of nature, people and spiritual life.. That is one of the reasons why I do the work that I do today.

Although I like my pictures to bring out a smile from time to time, they also

hold some hidden criticism towards society. My work has been printed on several materials. Some were printed as a triptych (cfr Van Eyck, who worked in my hometown Ghent).

My favorite material lately is Haghnemühle paper, although not everything requires that paper; I am not bound to one support.


My latest work is a merging of studio pictures of people and backgrounds

I find in natural or disintegrating materials, most of the time ending up in

some kind of spiritual, human feeling.

The coherence in my work has become the endless, continuous transformation

of people (spiritual), the world and the universe. This overwhelming action

never stops; we are eternally bound to go with the flow.

We all need Spirituality in one way or another and I feel that bringing these

feelings into art again are as necessary as the food we daily consume to live


In doubt we are In constant transformation we are In hope we remain human. 

Benny, 2019


Born: Ghent, 23 January 1957


- Latin-Sciences, St. Gregorius college, Ghent

- Photography, Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent

As a result of a fire incident in my studio 5 years ago, all my paperwork was lost. So

dates are not available anymore.


Until 2018

- Sicily: polaroid transfers

- Utrecht (the Netherlands), headquarters of Kodak: B/W Triptichs

- Paris: pictures of Circus Ronaldo pictures

- Belgium (various cultural centres): Circus Ronaldo pictures

- Brussels: launch of the second book on Circus Ronaldo

- Belgium and the Netherlands:

o presentation of workshops for polaroid

o posters for theatres

- Belgium:

o presentation of workshops for Nikon

o publications in books about photography - Nudes index1

o pro lighting: “Portraits”, “Nudes”, “Still life”, “Erotica”

o covers of literature books: fiction and non-fiction

o portraits for magazines

o two books on Circus Ronaldo,

o publicity works for agencies Saatchi&Saatchi, VVL BBDO, and many others.

o pictures for magazines and agencies all over the world

o in 2014 Cultural Ambassador of my hometown

o since 2016 member of Honest Arts Movement Belgium


Exhibitions Since 2018

- all through 2018: permanent exhibition, Keerbergen, Belgium

- March 2018: group exhibition, Zebrastraat, Ghent

- May-June 2018: group exhibition “Life is but a Dream”, Agora Gallery, New York

- June 2018: group exhibition “20 photographers and their view on European

Cities”, Milan.

- 8 June-8 July 2018: PHOTOGRAPHIES#CITIES, Home Museum Spazio Tadini, Milan

- 27 July 2018: Cannes Art Fair

- 12-14 October 2018: Musa International Art Space: Art book in the section

“Art Must Have” Combined with Group exhibition Palermo Sicily side show

“Manifesta bienale 2018”

- December 2018-January 2019: London “Bella”

- December 2018: Luxemburg Art Fair

- 17 December 2018-5 January 2019: Galerie Etienne de Causans, Paris

- December 2018-January 2019: “The Neapolitan tombola”, Colorida Galeria de Arte, Lisbon

- January 2019: Publication in “100 Artists of the Future” art book. Contemporary art curator.


- February 2019: “The Power of The Heart”, Grimandi Art Gallery, New York

- March 2019: Rossocinabro Gallery, Rome.

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