A spiritual passion

Born in 1956 in her parents' house in a small village between Burgundy and Champagne de l'Aube, Armelle Rettmeyer is a captivating and spiritual painter who evolves in the art of oil painting. His vocation is revealed early enough. While still a teenager, she meets a Russian painter contemporary named Grégoire Michonze. From then on, Armelle poses for him in the barn that serves him workshop and feeds internally the desire to become a painter in turn. A few years later, after having devoted himself periodically to painting and having installed her own workshop, she concretizes her desire to paint and registers as a free candidate to fine arts of Troyes. 

Weary, she tries to different techniques, pastel, watercolor, for finally settle on the oil painting, a medium for which she discovers a real passion. Far too independent, Armelle leaves the fine arts and continues her journey single staff, with the desire to learn at their own pace and follow their inspirations. All in perfecting her technique, she is introduced to a new material, gold leaf, while keeping a linen support, simple and without artifice, which allows it to give itself energy, relief and light to his paintings.


In 1985 Armelle is 29 years old and meets Judaism. She feels it as an evidence, a interior recognition. In 1989 opens in Troyes the Rashi Institute where she takes classes on the thought Jewish and learn Hebrew. 

At this time, Armelle feels the need to combine study and creation pictorial. From this personal and spiritual development comes an artistic realization based on the Jewish study, called "The 10 words" which will have taken 3 years of work. Each piece of this Work corresponds to a sacred Word and is the result of a real creative work. 


In 2010 and 2014, Armelle sets out to discover New York and falls under her spell. Its wide avenues open to the sky, its constant energy and its urban movement have greatly inspired. She then participates in the Artexpo of New York and derives benefits interesting, contacts, good reviews and proposals for international exhibitions, especially in Spain, in Stockholm, or in Honk Kong ... Until then, he was not very inclined to public exhibitions of his works, and rather attracted by the tranquility and self-fulfillment, Armelle reopened to the world.

 In constant search of fullness, she now chooses to make known her works, her work, and her state of mind. 

She is now ready to expose her work to the world around her to dispense the Light of her creations. 

-Jessie Rebour

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